Actiefoto’s van de Week van Palestijnse Strijd

Op 14 mei kwamen Nederlandse en Palestijnse jongeren in Amsterdam samen voor de kick-off van de Week van Palestijnse Strijd, ter herdenking van de Nakba en voortzetting van de Palestijnse strijd voor bevrijding en terugkeer.

De uitgeschreven speech van Samidoun Nederland:

Dear comrades, friends, people of the world and strugglers for Palestine.

Tonight, we start the Week of Palestinian Struggle to commemorate 72 years of ongoing Nakba. The Nakba is ongoing up until this day. Land is being stolen. People are displaced. Checkpoints are set-up. Trees are uprooted. Those who resist these colonial crimes are imprisoned. We are here tonight to remind ourselves and the world, that as long as the Nakba is continuing, the resistance will also continue.

Yesterday, occupation forces killed Zaid Qaysia in Al-Khalil, the city that is known for its many checkpoints and aggressive settlers. Zaid was fifteen years old. Fifteen!

Two days ago, the family home of political prisoner Qassam Barghouti was demolished. A house full of memories and love destroyed by a colonial army who does not care any bit about humanity.

On that same day, after arresting Palestinians in Ya’abad village in the North of West Bank, resisting Palestinians killed a sergeant of the Zionist occupation army. I don’t even want to go into the question if this is legitimate resistance. We know the occupation army nowadays kills children in the streets. We know they have 5.000 Palestinians imprisoned and they are torturing them. What else can you expect in such a situation but resistance by all means necessary!? We say that Palestinians have the right to resist, and we will defend that right at all costs!

We are gathered here tonight, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with youth from diverse backgrounds. We were born in the Netherlands, in Syria, in Ireland, in Palestine. Our roots are over the whole world. We are youth with different histories and different roles. But still we are together tonight. We are together to affirm our commitment to the liberation of Palestine, all of Palestine, from the river to the sea!

Tonight, people in dozens of cities are protesting for the liberation of Palestine. In Palestine, in Lebanon, in Jordan and in Europe. We greet you, we salute you.

We salute the Palestinian people, fighting for more than a century against Zionist colonization!

We salute the Palestinian refugees, fighting for 72 years for their Right to Return!

We salute the Palestinian students and youth, the next generation of freedom fighters!

We salute the Palestinian prisoners, thrown into torture dungeons but resisting everyday like Mays Abu Ghosh and Tareq Mattar.

To end, I want to encourage everyone to keep organizing for Palestine on all levels – political, humanitarian, legally, in the universities, in the streets and in our communities. And let us also intensify our struggle. Because Trump and Netanyahu, they will try to annex the whole of Palestine. The Dutch government may say they don’t support this plan right now, but they have facilitated arms transports to Israel during EVERY war they started – from the invasion of Egypt and Syria to the Second Intifada.

So our call will be louder than ever. Our resistance will increase. Let us fight for the liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea and not an inch less!

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