Solidarity with Issam Hijjawi Bassalat and the Republican Hunger Strikers!

Support the more than fifty Irish and Palestinian hunger strikers! 

On Monday 28 September, 11:00 ‘o clock, Samidoun will protest at the British embassy in The Hague, to show support for Issam Hijjawi Bassalat and the over fifty Irish Republican hunger strikers in prisons in the north of Ireland. We urge the British state and prison authorities to immediately grant the hunger strikers demand for Palestinian Dr. Bassalat out of his dirty isolation cell to the Republican wing. We stand in full solidarity with the hunger strikers and the Irish and Palestinian liberation struggle. 

The hunger strike started on September 16 by Dr. Issam Hijjawi Bassalat. That day, he was placed in a dirty isolation cell under the false pretence of COVID isolation, on returning from an MRI scan appointment due to his deteriorating health condition. However, during his hospital visit, Dr. Bassalat remained in a safe environment.

This misuse of COVID protocol is illustrated by the contrasting lack of protocol in relation to prison guards, who go in and out of the prison on a daily basis, and don’t have to isolate. And additionally, Dr. Bassalat could easily be placed in COVID isolation in Roe House, where Republican political prisoner are kept. 

Join us in uplifting and amplifying the struggle happening inside the prisons in the occupied six counties. 

For more information, see the Facebook pages of Saoradh and the Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association and read this article by Samidoun:  

Facebook event: 

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